An Exceptional CD of Original Stories from Vancouver Island's West Coast


It is two days before Christmas, 1905, and a group of seven sailors are preparing to launch a lifeboat.

Somewhere to the south lies Cape Beale and hope of rescue….”


“The Wreck of the King David and other tales from Vancouver Island’s West Sideis an auditory masterpiece, a dramatic re-enactment of the demise of the British ship King David upon the rocks of Bajo Reef off Nootka Island in 1905.


This CD of original prose also contains three other distinctively West Coast tracks: “Memories of Luna”, “Trapper up the Muchalat – Andy Morod” and “Captain Cook at Resolution Cove”.


The dramatic story of The Wreck of the King David and other tales are told skillfully in this exciting new work by Chuck Syme. Chuck is a historical interpreter, who has worked as a tour guide seasonally in Gold River since 2000. The loss, courage and rugged beauty that is the west side of Vancouver Island are painted vividly in words by this experienced presenter.

  The accompanying 8-page CD booklet includes the pleasing read-along text from the track

"The Wreck of the King David" , as well as six sketches by Gold River artist Art Walton


(This Compact Disc contains storytelling and poetic thought. It is not a music CD.)


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